Your prenatal experience and the birth of your baby is a journey that will change you forever.

Let me help you have the best experience possible.

I practice in Jersey City, New Jersey however my online courses, blogs and consulting service are available to you wherever you may be in the world.

I am a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist. I received my training from the acclaimed Swedish Institute in New York. Since getting my degree I have received additional certifications  in prenatal massage, infant massage training and various massage modalities.

For the past twelve years I have been working to improve the lives of women and babies through massage and nutrition.

Because I have always been interested in leading a healthy lifestyle and eating well, many of my clients asked my advice about food and nutrition. These questions finally led me to Hawthorns University where I received a degree in nutritional consulting. My training was both holistic and scientific, which was very much in keeping with my massage training.

Every person is an individual, whether they are an adult or a baby. Keeping this in mind, my clients always receive a protocol treatment meant specifically for their needs, whether it is nutrition or massage.

The journey from pregnancy through birth and your baby's first year is miraculous and exciting.

However, this time may also be confusing and stressful. I offer services for pregnant women, new moms and their babies that give you the support and confidence you need to stay healthy and informed during this very special time in your life: massage, nutritional consulting, on-line courses and hands on workshops.