"Baby Massage - The Gift of Love"
Online Course

 Massage your baby from head to toe 
with this easy to follow online course!

Baby massage is good for your baby and you!

I'm Laura Lacey, a licensed massage therapist and certified baby massage instructor.  
I've taught hundreds of parents how to massage their babies. Parents are always surprised at how easy it is and how much their babies enjoy it (and guess what? Dads love it too!) 

I know that as a new mom, you barely have any time to breath! I created this online course for you, so that you and your baby can benefit from baby massage in the comfort of your own home, and on your own schedule - you can even watch it on your phone! Need a refresher? The course is yours to enjoy whenever you need it.

This online baby massage course is appropriate for babies ages 1 month to 9 months. It is great for Moms, Dads and caregivers. Each lecture has a video that covers a specific body part or technique, so you can follow along as I demonstrate. There are over 40 minutes of instruction, in short segments for easy learning - perfect for busy moms. 

Join the hundreds of parents who feel more confident and engaged with their babies through baby massage. You will learn:

  • Basic baby massage guidelines
  • A baby massage that covers the whole  body
  • Special massages and stretches for playtime (fun for the whole family!)
  • Massage for common complaints such as gas, colic, congestion and  teething

"I love Laura's online baby massage course."

It is a great way to learn all about baby massage in the comfort of my own home which is a real plus for postpartum moms. I really like the way the class is structured. It starts with the basics which answers a lot of questions early and made me feel confident with my baby. It slowly eases you in. Each section is short, so it's managable and not overwhelming. It has a very user-friendly feeling.

Jeanie  - Mom

"Baby Massage - The Gift of Love is a must have." 

"This course is educational, fun and insightful. It encourages parent-child bonding therapeutically and heathfully. Laura's comfortable style puts the parent and baby at ease. I can't wait to share this excellant course with patients, colleagues and friends. This is a wonderful tool for parents and child care providers and educators."

Dr. Ruby Harmon - NYC Pediatrician


Section 1 - Getting Ready for Baby Massage
Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Benefits and Cautions
Lesson 3: Baby Massage Oils
Lesson 4: General Guidelines

Section 2 - Basic Baby Massage
Lesson 5: Before You Begin
Lesson 6: The Legs and Feet
Lesson 7: The Tummy
Lesson 8: The Chest
Lesson 9: The Arms and Hands
Lesson 10: The Back
Lesson 11: The Head and Face

Section 3 - Playtime Massage
Lesson 12: Playtime Massage Techniques

Section 4 - Massage for Comfort Care
Lesson 13: Gas and Colic
Lesson 14: Congestion
Lesson 15: Teething
Lesson 16: Wrap up

Bonus PDFs: Baby Massage Tips and FAQs

...and answers to all your questions

  • How often you should massage your baby and for how long
  • Which oils to use and which to avoid
  • When it is not  appropriate to massage your baby

Experience all of the wonderful benefits of
Baby Massage now 
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Questions? Feel free to contact me at laura@lauralacey.com