Prenatal Nutrition Consultation Package

You only have one chance to have a healthy baby. In pregnancy there are no do-overs. Having a healthy baby is important, and what you eat plays a large role. You can eat foods that you love that will also support the nutritional needs of you and your baby.

I will outline your prenatal nutritional requirements, help you manage common complaints like constipation and nausea, help you manage weight,  review your current food choices and make recommendations.

Your nutritional needs change by trimester, therefore I require a 3-month commitment. This package includes:

  • An initial 90-minute consultation: review of your nutritional and medical history, favorite foods, biggest concerns and challenges

  • A 60-minute followup 1 week later

  • Four 60-minute followups every other week

Our initial consultation can be in person, by phone or on Skype. Followup sessions will be by phone or Skype only. You will have unlimited email support from me.

You can also add additional sessions (2 per month) to your initial package at any time.


3-Month Consultation PackageEach additional month (2 sessions)